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Playing In A Group in Lottery

Some people believe that they have a better chance of winning the lottery if they win in groups. Perhaps, there are some truths in it. However, you should be careful when playing the lottery in groups. The first rule you should always remember that don’t trust anyone. Do not play if everyone in the group doesn’t have a written agreement. Also, you should make sure that everyone in the group has FEIN (Federal Employer’s Identification Number). Write those numbers down before you play. Remember you don’t know these people and what they might do next. So, please be careful.

In most lottery games, only a single person or entity who can claim the prize. If you step up and claim the money, the lottery will report your SSN to the IRS, even if you play the game in the group. That means you should pay all the taxes from whatever you have. Furthermore, if you split the prize to other members, you should pay gift taxes. That’s quite messy, right? The question is, can you avoid this?

There are several easy steps that can help you avoid this messy situation. First, you have to make sure everyone in the group agrees on certain points. In order to do this, first you need a draft containing every single aspect you want them to agree. Then, before giving them the draft, you should have the draft reviewed by an attorney. As this only involves with checking the draft, not creating the new one, you should not worry about the cost. It should be much lower than drafting the new one. Here comes the next step, You have to obtain your FEIN by filling the IRS Application for Employer Identification Number or Form SS-4. You can reach the IRS to get this form.

Then, if your group wins the jackpot or any other prize, the first thing you should do is claim the prize using your new FEIN. This way, every member of your group is obligated to pay a certain amount of money as their fair share of tax. That means you should not be the only one paying for all the taxes, which can easily and quickly reduce your share to zero. You certainly don’t want this to happen. After everything you have won, you certainly don’t want to see other group members poured with money while you have to suffer paying all the taxes by yourself.

Stay Safe from Lottery Scam

While many of us spending our money to purchase a lottery ticket, hoping that ticket would become the winning ticket, there are still so many people who try to make their fortune by sacrificing others. These dishonest groups and individuals care only about themselves and how they can make money by tricking honest people, claiming that they have won a prize. These people want to make other people like you and me believe that we have won a prize and in order to claim that prize, we have to pay certain fees. The fact is, we have never won any prize and the only one who will get the money is those scammers.

The rule is quite simple. You will never win a prize if you never entered a lottery. It is absolutely impossible to win a prize if you never actually have the ticket. This is how the lottery game works. However, even though the rule is very simple, there are a lot of people who easily fall for this trick due to the amount of money. They just believe that somehow they won the prize and eager to pay as much as it needs to claim the money, only to realize that they have been scammed.

To help you avoid these scams, please follow this guide by Ensys Prediksi Togel:

  • Never respond to any letter, e-mail, or phone call (unless from the bookmaker) stating that you are the winner if you never have the ticket.
  • The only price you should pay is for the ticket. If you actually win, the only thing you would pay is the tax, which will be deduced from your winning. So, there is no spending before you get the actual prize.
  • For any reason, NEVER DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. That includes banking, social security, and personal details.
  • Don’t believe anyone who tells you to keep your winning a secret
  • Beware of callers with bad grammar and spelling
  • Always purchase a ticket from the official retail store

Extra Tips

  1. Review your purchase
    Before leaving the store, make sure you have counted your tickets. Make sure it is the same amount as you purchased and you are the one who picked the numbers. If you have doubt about your ticket or the numbers, make sure you have resolved the problem before leaving the store.
  2. Check your ticket
    After the drawing and before you hand the ticket to be validated by the store, you may need to check the ticket by using a ticket checking machine. Depending on which lottery you join, you may also check your ticket using the bookmaker’s mobile app.
  3. Validate your ticket
    After the store validates your ticket at Data SGP and Data HK, the monitor will display the prize you won (if you actually won). If you have the winning ticket, consider keeping the payout voucher. This way, you can verify that you are the actual winner of that prize. You should also keep your non-winning ticket, just in case, so no one can use the ticket for illegal purposes.

Things You Should Know about Lottery Players

Some of you might think that most people who buy lottery tickets are poor people. Well, that’s not entirely true. The fact is, some studies on lottery found out that at least 56% of American adults ever bought a lottery ticket in the last 12 months. Among these people, those with $45,000 – $75,000 income are the most often to play the lottery. Around 60% of them played the lottery at least once in the past year. The study also revealed that people with less than $25,000 income would less likely play the lottery with 53% possibility. Furthermore, those with more than $75,000 income are most likely to play the lottery 3 times more often than those with $25,000 income.

Lately, some institutions have also been conducting research on people’s gambling behavior. Their discovery is quite stunning. They found out that being poor is not always necessarily linked with playing the lottery more often than other people. For example, there are 7% people in Colorado whose annual income is less than $15,000. Now, some of you might think these people play the lottery more often than those with higher income, but the fact is, they don’t. There are only 5% of them who played the lottery at least once in the past month.

In Georgia, a research performed by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution Survey made a shocking discovery. There are only 8.6% lottery players who have less than $24,000 income. Their population is lower than those with $50,000 – $74,000 annual income who make 27% of the population. Also, among these players, 33% of them never entered the college, 22% of them did not graduate the college, and only 25 % of them had at least one college degree. Meanwhile, there are only 10% of them who had one or more advanced degrees.

A 1998 study on Texas lottery players also revealed that players with low income and junior high school education or less were the least likely people to play. In the same year, another study performed on Minnesota lottery revealed that people with less than $21,000 annual income only made up less than 10% of lottery ticket buyers in 1997. It is people with more than $50,000 income who are more likely to play the game.

So, how people can benefit from selling the lottery tickets?

Let me spill you the secret. Just like any other business, the Pareto Principle also applies in the lottery. This principle clearly says that no matter what kind of service or product you sell, most of your sales (around 80%) will come from less than 25% of your customers. This is how the lottery works.

In Minnesota, for example, the study found out that it only needs 20% of all Minnesota lottery players to make up 71% of the industry’s income. Meanwhile, in Arizona, it takes 24% of the players to make 70% of Arizona lottery income. In Pennsylvania, the number increases to 29% of the players to make nearly 80% of local lottery income.

See? The number is much lower than you might have expected. You don’t actually need a lot of people to make the profit in the lottery. As long as you keep that profitable 30% of the population, money will keep flowing to your pocket, no matter what 🙂

How to Bet on MLB Baseball

Football is not the only sports you can bet on. There are plenty of other sports game where you can make a lot of money. On this occasion, we’ll introduce you to baseball betting. To begin with, let’s learn about various types of wagering in baseball.


If you want to bet on a baseball game, there are plenty of ways for you to begin. However, moneyline is still one of, is not the best way of betting in this sports. In the simplest way, you can tell that in moneyline, you only have to pick the winner. If they win, you will win. If they lose the game, you will also lose everything you place on that bet.

To help you understand moneyline, here is a nice example you can use. New York Yankees and Bostori Red Sox are scheduled to meet each other in a game. They are both awarded with -150 and +140 odds respectively.

As you see, the odds are quite drastic for both of them. This is not out of the ordinary, though. The drastic gap means the bookmakers believe there is a huge difference in their skills and chance to win the game. In this example, if you bet on New York Yankees because you believe they would win the game, you have to bet at least $300. However, even though they win at the end, your profit will not exceed $100. At the other side, if you bet on Bostori Red Sox, your profit can be larger than the first one. You only need to bet $100 to get $140 profit.

5-inning line

5-inning line is quite similar to moneyline in terms of their principles. However, unlike moneyline, the winner is the team with the highest score after 5 innings. That means, you don’t have as much time as you have with the original moneyline. If you want to compare it with other sports, betting on 5-inning line is similar to betting on only 2 quarters of a basketball or first half of a soccer match.


Another famous betting type is total or commonly known as under/over waging. In this type, the bookmaker will first predict the total score from a game. Once you stepped in, you have to bet whether the actual total score will be under or over the bookmaker’s score.

Here is an example to hep you understand this wagering type.

Team A/Team B: Over 9.5 (-110)

Team A/Team B: Under 9.5 (-110)


Under this scenario, you have to bet at least $110 to win $100 if you choose over. By choosing over, you believe the total score will be at least 10. If you choose under, you should also bet the same amount to get the same amount of prize. The only difference is you believe that the total score will be 9 or less than that. However, please be careful when choosing your side. Always remember to pick your bet after analyzing all aspects of the match. This way you can increase your winning chance, without relying on your luck.


Stop These Habits If You Still Want to Win

Sometimes, winning a lottery is not about the quality of strategy you have or even your money. Sometimes, it is all about your habits.

Here are some bad habits in the lottery and in most online betting that you should stop doing right now if you still want to win.

Betting on everything

It does not matter how experienced you are or how much money you have, you can’t win all games at once. Here is one useful tip from the pros. The less game you play, the higher your winning chance. The is no ‘win more by betting on more games’ in betting. If you still believe this, you better stop doing it.

Being emotional

We know how enthusiast you are while playing the game, but never let your emotion controls you. There is no way you can win the game if you don’t cool your head first. Losing your clam will not help you win the game. So, keep your emotion away from the table. You are not going to need it in this game.

Chasing your losses

Chasing your losses just because you believe you will eventually win all of them back, is completely baseless. There is no guarantee that you will have them back. No one, not even the best pro in the world can give you this kind of warranty. In fact, in most cases, people who keep chasing their losses end up losing more than they have already lost. So, the final question is up to you now, will you stop when it is necessary or will you just continue without any guarantee of winning?

Blaming your luck

Things have changed and so should your mindset. Lottery is no longer about luck. This game is all about using your skills and observation. You may still win a game with your luck, but there is only a slight chance of it. Instead of wasting your time on your luck, there is a better way to win a lottery. You can observe the game data and use statistical methods to predict your winning chance. If the outcome tells you to avoid the game, you better do that. I know that even statistics can’t give you 100% guarantee to win that game, but at least it gives you 100% guarantee of not losing big.


Once again, winning a lottery is not about spending everything you have just because you think it will be helpful. Some of the biggest winners ever in lottery claim that one of the reasons they win is because they know to begin and stop. They didn’t chase the until the end if they don’t know the chance. In other words, they are not greedy. It may be a simple tip, but it has helped so many people out there.

Plus, being greedy also means you allow your emotion to take control of yourself. This is never a good way of playing. Always remember to keep your head cool and think objectively.

How Much Tax Should You Pay If You Win Lottery?

With hundreds of millions put as the jackpot, many people think you will get as much as the amount stated if you win a lottery jackpot. For example, in May 2016, Powerball jackpot hit $415 million. If someone did win the prize, some of us would think he/she would get the whole $415 million. Well, that will never happen.

In fact, if you win a lottery, there are 2 important things you should take care first: your anonymity and paying the taxes.

If you want to receive the prize in whole, the only way to do that is by splitting it into 30 payments over the next 29 years. It means you will only receive around $13.83 million per year. The amount will rapidly decrease to $269.7 million if you choose to receive it in one lump sum.

Next, you should pay the federal tax bill. Since winning a lottery is considered as ordinary income, you should pay the 39.6% federal tax. The amount is deducted from your prize and unlike in several countries, there is no way you can cut that rate.

Here is another thing. If you are a US citizen or have a Social Security Number, the US government is liable to automatically withhold 25% of your prize. If you choose the lump sum, this rate will only leave you with $67.4 million. If you can’t provide your SSN, the rate will increase to 28%. If you are a foreigner, the amount will even hit higher rate, at 30%.

You should also pay additional 14.6% federal tax, which has been applied since April 2017. It means you should cash out another $39.4 million from your winning.

After these federal obligations, you will still have more than $162 million in your wallet. Not bad, actually.

However, please be aware. Depending on where you bought the ticket and your current address, you might have to pay local state and local income tax. In New York City, for example, you have to pay 4 elements of taxes: federal, county, state, and city taxes. The more elements to pay, the less money you will be left with.

In most cases, local and state tax will cost you around 15% or roughly $40.5 million. That means you will now have around $122.4 million.

The good news is, if you live in South Dakota, New Hampshire, Floria, Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, or Washington, you don’t have to pay the personal income tax, which also means you can keep more money.

Sharing the prize after the number is drawn is not going to help you either way. If you want to reduce the amount of taxes you should pay, you better split the ownership of your ticket before the winning number is drawn. If you do it after the drawing, sharing the prize won’t help. Sharing the prize will be considered as a gift to the receiver. As for you, you will be still considered as the sole owner of the ticket and therefore, are liable to pay all the taxes.

So, if I were you, I’d share the ticket before the drawing. If I win or lose, both sides will share the same benefit. No one will lose and everyone will happy. Isn’t it good?

Which Lottery Has the Best Odds?

PowerBall, Lotto, Mega Millions. There are so many lottery games available today. While it is true that you can join each of these lotteries, do you ever wonder about which one has the best odds? With millions of people entering the game, we know how difficult it is to win the prize, leave alone the jackpot. However, if there is a chance for you to enter a lottery with better odds than the one you have, would you mind to switch?

Here is the secret. Winning lottery is actually easy if we include the lower-tier prize, not just the jackpot. Our mistake is we are often too focused on winning the latter and forget that there are still other prizes available. The plenty amount of people who win lottery prizes each week is a solid proof for this. However, unlike the media darling jackpot winner, these people are less likely to get on the news. Maybe one or two of them managed to get on the news, but most of them didn’t. This triggers us to believe that jackpot is the only prize we can get from a lottery. Nothing else is important, even if those other prizes worth millions of dollar.

Our second mistake is we are often too focused on big-scale lottery game, such as Powerball, Lotto, or MegaMillion. In my opinion, the media should be blamed for this. They just love to put Powerball, MegaMillion, Lotto or other big lottery game jackpot winner on their show, while they seem to ignore winners from smaller lottery game. That’s when we began to ignore that there are better chances to win millions of dollar. There are lottery games with better odds to win than Powerball, Lotto, or MegaMillions.

In fact, with 1 in 24 odds of winning any prize, MegaMillions has the 6th best odds of winning. This is far below French Lotto, which is considered has the best winning odds of 1 in 6. Powerball is at the 7th place with 1 in 24.8 odds. At the bottom of the list, MegaSena lottery from Brazil holds the smallest odds to win at 1 in 2,332.

So, if you ask my opinion, instead of buying a PowerBall ticket, I’d buy a French Lotto ticket if I want to win. The chance is more than 4 times greater than Powerball for anyone to win a French Lotto ticket.

Now, what about the jackpot? Is there a better place to win a jackpot than MegaMillions or Powerball? Well, sure there is. Prediction websites like increases your chance to winning a jackpot.

In fact, as far as we know, MegaMillions is the second most difficult lottery to win a jackpot with 1 : 302,575,350 odds. The worst place is SuperEnaLotto from Italy with 1 : 622,614,630 of winning odds.

How about Powerball? With $1.4 billion total jackpot, the odds of winning it is at 1 : 292,201,338. This is far below Mini Lotto from Poland where you can win the jackpot of $700,000 with 1 : 850,668. Yes, the prize is far less than Powerball, but still, you have better chance to win the prize. In some cases, there are even some people who won the prizes several times and if we sum the total prize they won, you will be surprised at how much money they’ve won.


How to Avoid Poker Scam

Everyone hates scam, especially when it comes to poker. It is so disappointing to know that after everything we’ve done and invested, there are still losers out there who want to rob our money. These so-called scammers have ‘successfully’ tricked so many players and emptied their funds.

We don’t want the same thing to happen to you. Therefore, we have compiled this list to help you prevent poker scams.

Avoid most private games

The reason is simple. The less public your game, the fewer people you have to watch the game for any dirty tricks. Use these tips to avoid any scam:

  • Do not enter any random game. Find out how fair they host the game before entering. You surely don’t want to enter a game where the rest of the players work together to trick you.
  • During the game, check of any marked cards, rigged deck, collusions or anything that cause unfair game. Leave the game immediately if one of these things happen.
  • Do not bet everything. In case the shenanigans occur, you must reassure yourself that you won’t lose everything. However, this should be your last option. Leave the game immediately even before it starts if you are unsure of the fairness.

You should never loan money

You might think that it would be best to borrow some money just because you believe you would win and gain back your losses. Let me tell you the fact. This scenario rarely happens. In most cases, you will only lose everything, plus you now have to pay back your loan. Borrowing someone’s money will never give any benefit to you. The only person who will get that benefit is the person who lend you his/her money.

However, if there is no better option than borrowing his/her money, please do consider these tips:

  1. Only lend money from someone you know so well personally. Make sure he won’t chase you even if you fail.
  2. Make sure that person’s financial situation is better than you. Things can get worse if both of you lose the game and none of you have money to bet.

Fund trading is risky

If you need extra fund for your game, consider fund trading. This is much better than the loan because both parties get the benefits. However, before attempting one, please consider these tips.

  1. Do not send first
    If still possible, ask the other person to send the fund. If he agrees, then you can rest assured that he is not a scammer.
  2. Validate the accounts
    Before sending the fund, make sure you have validated the account. The holder’s name should match exactly the other person’s name. If you can’t verify the account, do not send anything. You might end up sending the money to a scammer.
  3. Be careful with large denominations
    You should be extremely careful when it comes to large denominations. Double check everything and if you are unsure even about a tiny detail, you should abort the trading.

Beware of hidden chips

Hidden chip is a common trick among scammers. They usually conceal their higher denomination chip for you to cause confusion. They are trying to lure you and make you go all in. As you can see, this is dangerous and literally breaking the rules. The rule in poker clearly states that you have to make your higher denomination chips visible. However, there is no sanction to those who choose to ignore this rule. Therefore, you should be always aware of this trick and learn how much they do actually have in their stack.