Everyone hates scam, especially when it comes to poker. It is so disappointing to know that after everything we’ve done and invested, there are still losers out there who want to rob our money. These so-called scammers have ‘successfully’ tricked so many players and emptied their funds.

We don’t want the same thing to happen to you. Therefore, we have compiled this list to help you prevent poker scams.

Avoid most private games

The reason is simple. The less public your game, the fewer people you have to watch the game for any dirty tricks. Use these tips to avoid any scam:

  • Do not enter any random game. Find out how fair they host the game before entering. You surely don’t want to enter a game where the rest of the players work together to trick you.
  • During the game, check of any marked cards, rigged deck, collusions or anything that cause unfair game. Leave the game immediately if one of these things happen.
  • Do not bet everything. In case the shenanigans occur, you must reassure yourself that you won’t lose everything. However, this should be your last option. Leave the game immediately even before it starts if you are unsure of the fairness.

You should never loan money

You might think that it would be best to borrow some money just because you believe you would win and gain back your losses. Let me tell you the fact. This scenario rarely happens. In most cases, you will only lose everything, plus you now have to pay back your loan. Borrowing someone’s money will never give any benefit to you. The only person who will get that benefit is the person who lend you his/her money.

However, if there is no better option than borrowing his/her money, please do consider these tips:

  1. Only lend money from someone you know so well personally. Make sure he won’t chase you even if you fail.
  2. Make sure that person’s financial situation is better than you. Things can get worse if both of you lose the game and none of you have money to bet.

Fund trading is risky

If you need extra fund for your game, consider fund trading. This is much better than the loan because both parties get the benefits. However, before attempting one, please consider these tips.

  1. Do not send first
    If still possible, ask the other person to send the fund. If he agrees, then you can rest assured that he is not a scammer.
  2. Validate the accounts
    Before sending the fund, make sure you have validated the account. The holder’s name should match exactly the other person’s name. If you can’t verify the account, do not send anything. You might end up sending the money to a scammer.
  3. Be careful with large denominations
    You should be extremely careful when it comes to large denominations. Double check everything and if you are unsure even about a tiny detail, you should abort the trading.

Beware of hidden chips

Hidden chip is a common trick among scammers. They usually conceal their higher denomination chip for you to cause confusion. They are trying to lure you and make you go all in. As you can see, this is dangerous and literally breaking the rules. The rule in poker clearly states that you have to make your higher denomination chips visible. However, there is no sanction to those who choose to ignore this rule. Therefore, you should be always aware of this trick and learn how much they do actually have in their stack.