Football is not the only sports you can bet on. There are plenty of other sports game where you can make a lot of money. On this occasion, we’ll introduce you to baseball betting. To begin with, let’s learn about various types of wagering in baseball.


If you want to bet on a baseball game, there are plenty of ways for you to begin. However, moneyline is still one of, is not the best way of betting in this sports. In the simplest way, you can tell that in moneyline, you only have to pick the winner. If they win, you will win. If they lose the game, you will also lose everything you place on that bet.

To help you understand moneyline, here is a nice example you can use. New York Yankees and Bostori Red Sox are scheduled to meet each other in a game. They are both awarded with -150 and +140 odds respectively.

As you see, the odds are quite drastic for both of them. This is not out of the ordinary, though. The drastic gap means the bookmakers believe there is a huge difference in their skills and chance to win the game. In this example, if you bet on New York Yankees because you believe they would win the game, you have to bet at least $300. However, even though they win at the end, your profit will not exceed $100. At the other side, if you bet on Bostori Red Sox, your profit can be larger than the first one. You only need to bet $100 to get $140 profit.

5-inning line

5-inning line is quite similar to moneyline in terms of their principles. However, unlike moneyline, the winner is the team with the highest score after 5 innings. That means, you don’t have as much time as you have with the original moneyline. If you want to compare it with other sports, betting on 5-inning line is similar to betting on only 2 quarters of a basketball or first half of a soccer match.


Another famous betting type is total or commonly known as under/over waging. In this type, the bookmaker will first predict the total score from a game. Once you stepped in, you have to bet whether the actual total score will be under or over the bookmaker’s score.

Here is an example to hep you understand this wagering type.

Team A/Team B: Over 9.5 (-110)

Team A/Team B: Under 9.5 (-110)


Under this scenario, you have to bet at least $110 to win $100 if you choose over. By choosing over, you believe the total score will be at least 10. If you choose under, you should also bet the same amount to get the same amount of prize. The only difference is you believe that the total score will be 9 or less than that. However, please be careful when choosing your side. Always remember to pick your bet after analyzing all aspects of the match. This way you can increase your winning chance, without relying on your luck.