Some people believe that lottery is all about luck. Well, I don’t think so. A lottery is a game and the best way to win a game is by using a strategy. There are plenty of strategies you can use to win a lottery, from tracking, wheeling, pooling, and even using a special software.


Tracking or frequency analysis is a strategy where players keep track of a certain number, including how often the number is drawn. The more frequent the number comes out, the higher your chance to win if you use that number. This is the most common tracking strategy.

There is another one, though. It is called tracking cold number. Cold numbers are the least frequent winning numbers. Some people believe that cold numbers are better because they haven’t been picked so far

Some experts, however, believe that the best combination comes out of both numbers. That means you should combine hot and cold numbers if you want to increase your winning chance.


Wheeling is a strategy where you create a master list of your best numbers and use a coded system to play these numbers in some kind of round-robin using different combinations. Experts believe that wheeling can help you increase your winning chance since it involves creating combinations from your numbers.

However, this strategy is also quite expensive. Therefore, before you use this method, make sure you have set up your budget. You should play only within this budget. Then, based on this budget, you need to decide how many numbers you want to include in your master list. This is the safest way to play wheeling or else, due to the possible combination and how many numbers you have, you can easily go bankrupt.


Simply said, pooling means you join other lottery plays, put some money, and together with the other player, use the ‘collective’ money to buy tickets. Since there are more people involved, you will have more resources to buy the ticket and, therefore, increasing your chance to win the prize. However, since you use the collective money to purchase the ticket, if that ticket turns out as the winning one, you have to split the prize to all members.

Also, for your own good, make sure you join a pool of people you can trust. You certainly don’t want to give your money only to be taken away by someone you don’t know. The second thing is, make sure the pool is operated only by reputable and trustworthy professionals. To keep your share maximum, your pool should have less than 15 members.

Special Software

As technology advances, so does the lottery. Today, you can see many developers offering lottery software, which they believe can help you increase your winning chance. Some of these apps offer astrology-based system, database, or other methods to help you pick the best numbers. However, please be cautious. Many of these apps are expensive, plus no one can guarantee their results. You can win big or lose big. It’s 50:50.