While many of us spending our money to purchase a lottery ticket, hoping that ticket would become the winning ticket, there are still so many people who try to make their fortune by sacrificing others. These dishonest groups and individuals care only about themselves and how they can make money by tricking honest people, claiming that they have won a prize. These people want to make other people like you and me believe that we have won a prize and in order to claim that prize, we have to pay certain fees. The fact is, we have never won any prize and the only one who will get the money is those scammers.

The rule is quite simple. You will never win a prize if you never entered a lottery. It is absolutely impossible to win a prize if you never actually have the ticket. This is how the lottery game works. However, even though the rule is very simple, there are a lot of people who easily fall for this trick due to the amount of money. They just believe that somehow they won the prize and eager to pay as much as it needs to claim the money, only to realize that they have been scammed.

To help you avoid these scams, please follow this guide by Ensys Prediksi Togel:

  • Never respond to any letter, e-mail, or phone call (unless from the bookmaker) stating that you are the winner if you never have the ticket.
  • The only price you should pay is for the ticket. If you actually win, the only thing you would pay is the tax, which will be deduced from your winning. So, there is no spending before you get the actual prize.
  • For any reason, NEVER DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. That includes banking, social security, and personal details.
  • Don’t believe anyone who tells you to keep your winning a secret
  • Beware of callers with bad grammar and spelling
  • Always purchase a ticket from the official retail store

Extra Tips

  1. Review your purchase
    Before leaving the store, make sure you have counted your tickets. Make sure it is the same amount as you purchased and you are the one who picked the numbers. If you have doubt about your ticket or the numbers, make sure you have resolved the problem before leaving the store.
  2. Check your ticket
    After the drawing and before you hand the ticket to be validated by the store, you may need to check the ticket by using a ticket checking machine. Depending on which lottery you join, you may also check your ticket using the bookmaker’s mobile app.
  3. Validate your ticket
    After the store validates your ticket at Data SGP and Data HK, the monitor will display the prize you won (if you actually won). If you have the winning ticket, consider keeping the payout voucher. This way, you can verify that you are the actual winner of that prize. You should also keep your non-winning ticket, just in case, so no one can use the ticket for illegal purposes.