Sometimes, winning a lottery is not about the quality of strategy you have or even your money. Sometimes, it is all about your habits.

Here are some bad habits in the lottery and in most online betting that you should stop doing right now if you still want to win.

Betting on everything

It does not matter how experienced you are or how much money you have, you can’t win all games at once. Here is one useful tip from the pros. The less game you play, the higher your winning chance. The is no ‘win more by betting on more games’ in betting. If you still believe this, you better stop doing it.

Being emotional

We know how enthusiast you are while playing the game, but never let your emotion controls you. There is no way you can win the game if you don’t cool your head first. Losing your clam will not help you win the game. So, keep your emotion away from the table. You are not going to need it in this game.

Chasing your losses

Chasing your losses just because you believe you will eventually win all of them back, is completely baseless. There is no guarantee that you will have them back. No one, not even the best pro in the world can give you this kind of warranty. In fact, in most cases, people who keep chasing their losses end up losing more than they have already lost. So, the final question is up to you now, will you stop when it is necessary or will you just continue without any guarantee of winning?

Blaming your luck

Things have changed and so should your mindset. Lottery is no longer about luck. This game is all about using your skills and observation. You may still win a game with your luck, but there is only a slight chance of it. Instead of wasting your time on your luck, there is a better way to win a lottery. You can observe the game data and use statistical methods to predict your winning chance. If the outcome tells you to avoid the game, you better do that. I know that even statistics can’t give you 100% guarantee to win that game, but at least it gives you 100% guarantee of not losing big.


Once again, winning a lottery is not about spending everything you have just because you think it will be helpful. Some of the biggest winners ever in lottery claim that one of the reasons they win is because they know to¬†begin and stop. They didn’t chase the until the end if they don’t know the chance. In other words, they are not greedy. It may be a simple tip, but it has helped so many people out there.

Plus, being greedy also means you allow your emotion to take control of yourself. This is never a good way of playing. Always remember to keep your head cool and think objectively.