PowerBall, Lotto, Mega Millions. There are so many lottery games available today. While it is true that you can join each of these lotteries, do you ever wonder about which one has the best odds? With millions of people entering the game, we know how difficult it is to win the prize, leave alone the jackpot. However, if there is a chance for you to enter a lottery with better odds than the one you have, would you mind to switch?

Here is the secret. Winning lottery is actually easy if we include the lower-tier prize, not just the jackpot. Our mistake is we are often too focused on winning the latter and forget that there are still other prizes available. The plenty amount of people who win lottery prizes each week is a solid proof for this. However, unlike the media darling jackpot winner, these people are less likely to get on the news. Maybe one or two of them managed to get on the news, but most of them didn’t. This triggers us to believe that jackpot is the only prize we can get from a lottery. Nothing else is important, even if those other prizes worth millions of dollar.

Our second mistake is we are often too focused on big-scale lottery game, such as Powerball, Lotto, or MegaMillion. In my opinion, the media should be blamed for this. They just love to put Powerball, MegaMillion, Lotto or other big lottery game jackpot winner on their show, while they seem to ignore winners from smaller lottery game. That’s when we began to ignore that there are better chances to win millions of dollar. There are lottery games with better odds to win than Powerball, Lotto, or MegaMillions.

In fact, with 1 in 24 odds of winning any prize, MegaMillions has the 6th best odds of winning. This is far below French Lotto, which is considered has the best winning odds of 1 in 6. Powerball is at the 7th place with 1 in 24.8 odds. At the bottom of the list, MegaSena lottery from Brazil holds the smallest odds to win at 1 in 2,332.

So, if you ask my opinion, instead of buying a PowerBall ticket, I’d buy a French Lotto ticket if I want to win. The chance is more than 4 times greater than Powerball for anyone to win a French Lotto ticket.

Now, what about the jackpot? Is there a better place to win a jackpot than MegaMillions or Powerball? Well, sure there is. Prediction websites like www.togelbox.com increases your chance to winning a jackpot.

In fact, as far as we know, MegaMillions is the second most difficult lottery to win a jackpot with 1 : 302,575,350 odds. The worst place is SuperEnaLotto from Italy with 1 : 622,614,630 of winning odds.

How about Powerball? With $1.4 billion total jackpot, the odds of winning it is at 1 : 292,201,338. This is far below Mini Lotto from Poland where you can win the jackpot of $700,000 with 1 : 850,668. Yes, the prize is far less than Powerball, but still, you have better chance to win the prize. In some cases, there are even some people who won the prizes several times and if we sum the total prize they won, you will be surprised at how much money they’ve won.